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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Joyous and GOD-filled New Year!

"Father, we surrender this past year and give it up to You. We give You our failures, our regrets, and our disappointments, for we have no more use for them. Make us now a new people, forgetting what lies behind and pressing on toward that which lies ahead of us.

"We give You all our hopes and dreams for the future. Purify them by Your Spirit so that our wills shall truly reflect Your will for us.

"As we stand on the threshold of another year, encourage us by our successes of the past, challenge us by the power of Your Word, and guide us by the presence of Your Holy Spirit."

- This is a church's annual New Year's Eve Communion service congregational prayer, quoted from Our Daily Bread: A Daily Devotional (January 1, 2005).

As the sun rises on this new year, I wish us all a Joyous and GOD-filled 2006! God bless!!!

Sunrise at Bandon Beach from www.allposters.com

Another year is dawning,
Dear Master, let it be,
In working, or in waiting,
Another year with Thee.

Another year of mercies,
Of faithfulness and grace;
Another year of gladness
In the shining of Thy face.

Another year of progress,
Another year of praise,
Another year of proving
Thy presence all the days.

Another year of service,
Of witness of Thy love,
Another year of training
For holier work above.

Another year is dawning,
Dear Master, let it be
On earth, or else in heaven
Another year for Thee.

- Francis Ridley Havergal


Jayred said...

What a blessing to read this prayer culled from Our Daily Bread (I especially like the first two paragraphs). Thanks for sharing it with us, Scanns.

Again, Have a Blessed 2006! All the best.

sha said...

Another year is dawning,
Dear Master, let it be
On earth, or else in heaven
Another year for Thee.

yes another bright year to look forward. HAVE A GOOD YEAR SCANNS!!

scanns said...

Jayred, so glad you were blessed by this prayer as I was! Thanks for the encouragement! Happy New Year! May you continue to shine for Him! All His blessings to you too! :)

scanns said...

Hi Sha! It's a joy to start the year in the company of friends! I also wish you a Happy New Year! Indeed, we're looking forward to another joyous, fruitful & God-filled year! May the Lord bless you! :)

Kutitap said...


here's a great Christmas gift I got from a Chinese lady who did not have a concept of God before, very encouraging...

Hi Kutitap,

Did I tell you that Tom and me accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord (eventually^_^.....) at the end this year? My mom knew nothing about God, but she loves to read Bible now. I'm really happy for that. So the year 2005 is the most important year for me. And I have to thank you for helping us to know God and study Bible (a couple years ago).


scanns said...

oi kumukutikutitap, glad that you're back! Indeed, that's the best Christmas gift! You planted seeds, & w/o knowing it, harvest time na pala! Very encouraging for you (& us all) to start the new year right! So let's plant more seeds! BTW, Happy New Year to you & your family! Kumusta kayo? God bless you all! See ya! :)

Joyacs said...

Dir Vhadang,

Kelan naman kaya namin masisilayan ang mga pektyurs galing sa bago mong digicam ha??? :) Nag-chinese New Year na, wala pa rin. Kaya ayan, tinatanong ng Kutitap kung anong secret mo... lagot ka... update mo na tong blog mo, put picture of our ceasar salad, he he

scanns said...

oi joyacs, buti naman napadalaw ka! :) di bale, lapit na balemtime's, masisilayan nyo rin fotos pati caesar salad, hehe.. kaso lang di ko pa madesisyonan kung kelan, depende sa inyo, kasi inaantay ko pang i-retract nyo yung mga imbento nyo! natuwa ako sa picture natin doon, pero di ako natuwa sa text at comment nyong puro imbento!!!

Joyangski said...


Did you like see na my disclaimer (as in pakyut na pagsasalita)? O ayan, wag na tampo, kay Kutitap na si Nirso. Post mo na pics ha :)

Anonymous said...

oi, bat nawala comment ko dito??? tinanggal mo no!? huhuhu....di mo na ba ko mahal??? sige, magapatuka na lang ako sa iguana...huhuhu

scanns said...

oi joyang & atinnafay:
oo na, sige na nga! :)

pero wala talaga ako tinanggal na comment! ayaw lang siguro tanggapin ng blog ko yung sinulat ni atinafay sa previous comment nya, hehe.. :)

ngutitaf said...

oi mananang,

hakin na nga nirso, totot disclaimer nyoyangyang kaya fakita mo na ang mektyur caesar nalad. me mango nga falang digicam ine ka man lang humihimik. hang yavang mo thalaga!

scanns said...

oi ngungutitaf, muti naman inamin mo nayo nirso & inamin nyoyangyang disclaimer! oo na nga, antay nyo, ipapakita ko na piktyur caesar salad laang, hehe.. ni ko himik nungkol digicam ngase ayaw mo mingay akin digicam mo, hehe.. :) ituloy natin chat natin, di pa tapos kwento ko, oks?!

ngutitaf said...

ngoks ngoks