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Sunday, December 04, 2005

CHRISTmas Still Shines!!!


I like to sing.
Moreso, I love to sing for the Lord.
And it brings me immense joy to sing in celebration of His birth!

I began with my mom's love for music & singing. I was exposed to hit tunes at that time, classical music, musicals (Broadway), even oldies, etc. Soon I discovered the acoustics of the shower room. And in family reunions, we kids were given (by the oldies) a gift per song, kaya paiksian (para makarami) at paramihan talaga kami ng kanta. I remember a 2nd cousin finish all the 12 days in the song "12 Days of Christmas"! We thought she'd get 12 times the gift, but then she only got one gift for her lengthy song! :-)

When I was 5 years old, in Kinder 1, a few batchmates & I were picked from each of our class to sing (in the Marcos years) at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). Little did I know, that the awesome experience was a foretaste of what is yet to come! I actually experienced singing for the Lord at 13, when I joined the high school glee club. In the tryout, I was classified as a mezzosoprano. I still remember discovering how beautiful it is to lead people to sing their hearts to Him in our cantatas/concerts!

Then I joined the Greenhills Christian Fellowship (GCF) Chancel Choir in my teens & some years after. We sang church anthems, in Christmas & Easter cantatas/concerts (in church & at the Meralco Theater), in "Concert at the Park" (Christmas & Easter) & other tv shows, did Christmas carolling, joined 1000-voice choirs in crusades & conferences, in recitals for music degrees, in charities, in parties, in weddings, in hospital visitations, in wakes, etc. Some of us even recorded the theme of another church... I guess we sang everywhere & in all occasions. But most importantly, we sang our hearts to the Lord! What inexplicable joy! Post-GCFCC, I still sing, but I'll always cherish our memories! One lovely memory is singing a cappella under the moonlit night sorrounded by fireflies in an out-of-town choir retreat.

Our Easter Cantata in "Concert at the Park"

So the songs continue... Last February 2003, we celebrated at the PhilSports Arena (formerly ULTRA) the 25th anniversary of GCF. It was a joint celebration of the GCF Center & its satellite churches (South Metro, East, San Fernando, Batangas, North, Cebu, Naga, Malolos, now we have Marikina Valley & Legaspi). Rev. David Y., GCF founding pastor, and his wife Patty Jo were brought back to address GCF at this momentous occasion. Our hearts swelled with joy & our eyes welled up as we celebrated God's blessings & faithfulness to us. There were presentations from all GCF music groups - adults, teens & kids. I sang with the joint choir of the GCF Center (dressed in white) & satellites (dressed in the other rainbow colors). It was overwhelming! I guess the pictures below will speak for themselves! (Pictures below are from http://www.gcf.org.ph)

GCF's 25th anniversary celebration at the PhilSports Arena in Feb. 2003

The Praise Factory (kids), singing & dancing!

Rev. David Y., GCF founding pastor, and his wife Patty Jo were brought back to address GCF at our 25th anniversary.

I sang with the joint choir of the GCF Center (in white) & satellites (in the other rainbow colors)!

And on & on... In the next two weekends of December, my fellow alumni & the current members of the GCFCC will convey through songs, at the "GCF Chancel Choir Reunion Concert" (circa 1985 to present), that Christmas still shines! The GCFCC & the Praise Factory (kids) will join our voices to celebrate the birth of the Reason for the season: the Christ of CHRISTmas! This is also a reunion with our beloved Ate Nila (concert conductor) & Kuya Ed D. (composer, arranger & pianist of the "Christmas Still Shines Overture"), who are "home for Christmas" from abroad. And just like old times, dear Pastor Dave & PJ are back & will celebrate Christmas with us (on the 1st weekend performances)! For those in the Philippines, join us in celebrating the real meaning of CHRISTmas, bring your friends & loved ones. For those abroad, you can spread the word to your friends & loved ones here that "Christmas Still Shines"!!!


Christmas Still Shines: A GCF Chancel Choir Reunion Concert

Join the GCF Chancel Choir with the Praise Factory in a reunion concert this Christmas.

The concert is directed and choreographed by Rene HofileƱa, with Janet Sabas-Aracama as musical director and conducted by Leonila Velasco-Dimangondayao.

Performance Dates:
Sat, December 10 (3pm and 8pm)
Sun, December 11 (8pm)
Sat, December 17 (3pm and 8pm)
Sun, December 18 (8pm)

Ticket Price: P100.00
Venue: GCF Ortigas Worship Center, Ruby corner Garnet Rds., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila

For inquiries, please contact Ms. Louella Chua, 6321354 loc. 115 or 0920-9612603.
This concert is for the benefit of the GCF VM711 Project.


This post is also entered in Lasang Pinoy (LP) 4.5. Lasang Pinoy is "a monthly food blogging event to promote Filipino food" (as described by Karen of The Pilgrim’s Pots and Pans). LP 4.5 is a special edition LP with the theme "No to Plagiarism" - hosted by Stef at Beyond Adobo. Reflecting on this LP theme, I fondly remembered the yummy pancit. Sponsors have generously provided food for our choir rehearsals. We usually had oodles of delicious noodles, all types of noodles: canton guisado, bihon guisado, mixed canton-bihon, pancit palabok, even pasta carbonara, pad thai, etc. I wasn't fast enough to get a picture of the ever-so-popular canton guisado before it was consumed. So in keeping with the LP 4.5 theme, I asked Karen if I could borrow a picture for this entry. Since her picture is not yet posted online, she referred me to Mike of lafang. He kindly offered to lend me (from his LP 4 entry on the theme "Soul Food") all three (3) photos of his own home-made pancit (canton, bihon & lomi). Thanks Mike, I borrowed your photo of the scrumptious canton guisado, which is posted below. Now, doesn't this picture really whet your appetite?! And thanks Karen! :-)

pancit canton guisado from http://www.mikemina.com/index.php/2005/11/26/lasang-pinoy-4-pancit-guisado/


tulip said...

uyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...scandinavian! andyan ako. si ate nila ang magcoconduct? superrrrrrrrrrrrrr...uwi na ko..............

scanns said...

hi tiptop to the tulips, andyan ka nga! sya nga ang musical conductor! galing ano?! sige uwi ka na ngayon!!! :)

schatzli said...

hi scanns one day I will be able to witness this... I was in choir too alto.. but now hanggang humm lang.. glad it went well.

scanns said...

hi sha! yeah, one day you'll really be w/us!, on your next vacation in the Phil.? :) wow, you were in the choir too! actually, the pictures here are from past performances! our Christmas reunion concert is coming up this weekend & next weekend! check out the performance dates I posted on this entry! Thanks, God bless! See ya! :)

thess said...

CHRISTmas Still Shines, AMEN!
scanns, sana nasa Pilipinas ako kasi talagang panonoorin ko kayo!!
This is what I miss, singing for the Lord *sigh* anyway, I am so proud of you for reaching out to others, both christian and non christian, by using your gift of singing ..galeng!!

thanks for visiting me, I truly appreciate that...God Bless!

scanns said...

hi thesserie! Indeed, CHRISTmas Still Shines! Sana nga nasa Pinas ka so you could celebrate w/us! Coz I know how you LOVE singing for the Lord! But I know, sis (*wink), that you are here in spirit! Thanks for your encouragement, you're also glorifying God w/your gifts (singing among others) there in hollandia! Thanks for dropping by, you always bring joy whenever you visit me here! Happy anniversary to you & your hubby! God Bless! :)

Joyacs said...

Hello Scanoknok, kumustasa? Punta ko concert mo basta libre, he he. Naku, I went sa isang cantata nyo before at naubusan po kami ng upuan. Dami tao sobra. Sa stairs na lang kami kawawang nanuod, hu hu hu

scanns said...

allo joyangski, kumustasa ka na rin? yepee, you'll go to our concert?! kelan? pls tx me when i can call you &your#! sana you can get there earlier, like at least 30 min before showtime. so you can get good seats, coz daming tao esp on the last dates of performances.

btw, in the next cantata/concert, we'll have a bigger new auditorium in the same building w/c we're expanding now. that's why we sell tickets at minimal cost in this one (it's free before) for the building fund. See ya! God bless! :)

tulip said...

punta lang ako pag libre mo ko ng seat...basta. libre mo rin joyangyang sama ako.....:0

scanns said...

tiptop to the tulips, sure, anong araw kayo pupunta? tawagan nyo ako ni joyangyang, hehe.. see ya soon! *wink :)

tulip said...

yabang mo porque alam mong di ako makakapunta... hmp...

scanns said...

tulip, aba at nagdrama ka pa! syempre naman gusto ko talaga kayo makapunta no! kaya umuwi ka na rito ngayon din, ok?! see ya! :)

YaNnA said...

heya!im Dianna Lopez and im a member of the Praise Factory im GCF!im so glad that i found someone other than my friends and i who go to GCF.are you a grownup?:D maybe i see you all the time but don't know you?it could be.can i see you in church?im only 12 and don't really mean to hurt you...thanx!:D

YaNnA said...

oh yeah...visit http://www.pfkada.blogspot.com/ for more on me and my Praise Factory friends...okay? see you someday!

scanns said...

Hi Diannagurl! Glad to see you (a churchmate) here! I'm an adult, but I started in GCF when I was a teenager (early college). Thanks for visiting my blog! Feel free to visit again & leave comments here. I agree with you, maybe you see me but you don't know me. You can give me your email address here, if you want to meet me in church. :)

It's great that you're a PF member, keep on! I also enjoyed visiting your PF kada's blog, keep it up! Your group blog can serve not just as a way of communicating for you all, but also as a way of encouraging each other. May God bless you & your friends! :)