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Saturday, August 20, 2005

EDSA, Protest Rallies & Healing!

A day in EDSA:
I was a very young student then. I went to UP in the morning to go to class. Then I met there one of my close college friends, Cacofonix. We found out that our classes were suspended because of the EDSA revolution! The day before this, I was not allowed by my parents to go to EDSA for my safety. So this was the perfect opportunity for me to go to EDSA, coz they thought I was just in class! That was such an unforgettable & incomparable experience! People from all walks poured into the streets! We had to walk from way before EDSA-Cubao all the way to EDSA-Ortigas! But while walking, people in cars were giving us different free food! I vaguely remember what kind of food, except for one food item that I still remember: pandesal! There were plain pandesal & pandesal with different "palaman" (the photos are posted below)!


"Hot Pan de Sal" (Filipino wheat-flour buns) is a staple in the traditional Filipino breakfast that goes with the morning cup of coffee. It's delicious when eaten plain as well as with any "palaman" (filling).


Atinna, also a close college friend, recounted on her blog her experience in EDSA. Incidentally, she was one of those people in cars who gave food, her contribution: Ludy's peanut butter on "Tasty" (a brand name of bread). She needed to come up with a reason to go there, coz she also was not allowed by her dad to go there. At that time, there were no cellular phones or even pagers yet. It was almost impossible that Cacof and I would be able to meet Atinna with the large number of people all over EDSA, but we were able to meet her. It was such great timing that Atinna went to EDSA the same day Cacof and I went there too! Strange, it was like a big fiesta, and yet scary for me at one point... only when a government military chopper hovered over my head! Amazing, there was this unity among us to topple the regime... but miraculously & ultimately, it was God who toppled the leader peacefully! Thank God, that by His grace, we three, and everyone there, were kept safe from harm, even from the chopper!

Another story worth telling (among others), which happened before EDSA:
Cacof & I saw student activists converging in UP to go to Liwasang Bonifacio (in Manila) for a protest rally. We decided to go and protest against the regime (I didn't know then that Cacof had one other agenda). We still had classes, so we just had to catch up with them. I said, I didn't know where Liwasan is. Cacof said, she knew coz she grew up & lived in Manila (while I'm from Quezon City). Guess what? She brought me to where there's a monument of Andres BONIFACIO! When we asked around, people laughingly said, that place was MONUMENTO in Caloocan. After I wanted to strangle Cacof, did that deter us? NO!

Imagine this: We were just catching up, we lost our way coz Cacof misled me (literally), but we were still determined to go! Then we asked how to "really" get to Liwasan, so we finally got there! Since it was a big group, we lost track of the activist-schoolmates we were supposed to go with. So we just joined the group to protest against the government. After a few minutes, it started to drizzle, we were supposed to get umbrellas from our bags until somebody said (in Tagalog): "Only Imelda uses an umbrella." So we just endured the (good thing, short) drizzle, not wanting to be likened to Imelda. Then, as if all those deterrents to our stints as activists were not enough, the sole of one of Cacof's shoe came off! For a while there, Cacof still wanted to stay, until the atmosphere started to be chaotic, so we finally decided to board a jeepney for home! Inside the jeepney, some rallyists, who didn't know that the two of us actually came from the rally, convinced all of us passengers to get down the jeepney to join their cause. But we just stayed on the jeepney and went home!

After all these years, how many presidents have we elected and/or ejected? I'm seriously pondering about it... our country's problem is systemic. Whoever the political leaders will be, if their selfish attitude & the corrupt system remain the same, we will just get stuck in this vicious cycle! We need to break this cycle! We need a different kind of revolution, a heart revolution! What should change is each person's attitude, emanating from a heart in tune with Jesus! That way, our people (and government officials) will:
1) Love God above all; and 2) Love their neighbors as they love themselves!

This is what Jesus said in the Bible:
"One of them, an expert in the law, tested Him with this question: 'Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?'
Jesus replied: 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.' "
(Matthew 22:35-40)

Hence, they will have the conscience and the heart to "do unto others what they want others to do unto them" (the Golden Rule)! Some would say: easier said than done... But that's the only way! And it's well worth it! As Jesus said (in John 14:6), "I am the way & the truth & the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." So Jesus is our only HOPE for change, coz He works from within our hearts! And when people's hearts change, the system (made up of people) will also change, thus the healing of our land! Activism: been there, done that, still lurking but my paradigm has shifted! Vigilance, that's still important! Although now I march to a different tune, God's tune! May God bless us all!!!

So here's a song inspired by a Bible verse:
"If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." (2 Chronicles 7:14)


If My people will humble themselves
Humble themselves and pray
If they seek My face and humble themselves
And turn from their wicked ways
I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin
I will hear from heaven and heal their land

Lord, heal our land
Father, heal our land
Hear our cry and turn our nation back to You
Lord, heal our land
hear us O Lord, and heal our land,
Forgive our sins and heal our broken land

Lord, we bow our knees, we humble ourselves
Humble ourselves and pray
Lord, we seek Your face, we humble ourselves
And turn from our wicked ways
Father, in Your mercy, forgive our sins
Father, in Your mercy, come heal our land

(Repeat chorus twice)


Karen said...

Thanks for participating Scanns! I loved reading your entry.

Si Cacofonix di ko nayayakag. Gusto kong marinig yung version niya, hehehe! ;-)

Teka, balik ako para sa mahabang comment. Suspense muna. Sinusulat ko na ang round-up.

CaCofoNix said...


ei, bakit mo naman ikinuwento sa buong madla na yung Liwasang Bonifacio eh napagkamalan kong Monumento ni Bonifacio ha?

halam mo namang mali mali na ako nun fa, tafos ipinagkanulo mo pa ang aking reputasyon?

ei bakit di ko maalalala tong mga bagay na to ha? kse naman, nageneral anaesthesia ako nung araw eh, yan tuloy ulyanin na...di ko matandaan na kasama pala kitang sinundan si lean sa liwasan.....

karengkeng, may dementia na si lola cacof, alang maalala nung araw na yun ng Augusto...pero pipilitin baka meron....gib me sam taym....

Atinna said...

Bwahahaha...naging liwasang bonifacio ang monumento, pwede, sa mga naapektuhan ng pampamanhid ang utak.
how's this cacof, isulat mo na lang yung isne natin di ba yun ang kinakain natin nung panahon na yon; tsaka yung niluluto ko na adobong atay ng manok na pinagsasaluhan natin sa lagoon? at saka yung staple natin na 5.75 na 1 barbecue at sandamukal na atsara sa casaa at plain monay na ginagawa nating pizza kuno na tinatambakan natin ng jufran ketchup at binubudburan natin ng asin at paminta para makatipid tayo at ng pag byernes eh makakain tayo ng big time sa big time restaurants. at ska nga pala yung KARYOKA!!! yun ang kinakain din natin noon di ba? sa may gate ng FC. teka mukang deja vu na to ah; naisulat ko na nga pala itong mga ito.

annabanana said...

pandesal with itlog ng maaalat! wowowee..tsarap tsarap! btw, have you tried pandesal with bagoong? what i usually do is get some pandesal (or tasty) toast it, spread a thin layer of butter then bagoong! thsts one experience i dare you to try, tita badaday...promise masarap sya! hugs to you!

stef said...

thanks so much for joining us Scanns! i absolutely agree esp. with the last part of your post -- what's needed is a revolution of the heart. without it wala talagang mangyayari kahit ilang people power pa.

CaCofoNix said...


hokey ka sa presentasyon ah. kumanta pa sa bandang huli. pero syempre lam mo namang agree ako sa punto mo...naalala ko tuloy one time when i led a group of filipino girls for prayer, soon as we mentioned the Philippines, everybody wept simultaneously. hindi pilit yun ha, it's the Holy Spirit...sana maraming Pilipino ang manalangin nang ganun...pero isang righteous nga lang, epektib na. badaday, kung righteous ka, pray for our bayan....lefteous kse ako eh....hehehehe...pero seriously, why don't we campaign for A Prayer for the Philippines on Freedom from Social and Political Maladies? Start ka sa blogsphere......

celia kusinera said...

Hahaha! Kaya nga ba Plaza Lawton pa rin ang tawag ko kasi baka sa Monumento rin ako mapadpad. :lol:
Ang may crush nga naman kasit saang liwasan pupunta para lang maka sulyap.
I agree with what you said that what the Phils. need now is a change of heart of *everybody* not just the politicians or the government but everyone.
Cacof's idea of a campaign prayer via blogosphere is good. Sige simulan na nyo!

drstel said...

badaday nigutom ako sa pekchurs ng beauteous pandesal na orig, fresh fr the oven ahahay.
i was so happy to see that you participated in LP, sana sa mga susunod din ha! kahit yung cacofifing nagluluto sa dilim....you nenengs had such great adventures together.

schatzli said...

scanns!!!! grabe to story mo do you keep a diary?

hahaha galing ng mga adventures nyo ni caco ano? LOL!

day iyang pan de sal na yan ay nakakatulo ng laway ko...

PS 3 weeks I will be in Italy k sa pagbalik ko na tayo mag chat

scanns said...

Karen, thanks for the invite! T'was nice meeting you all! I really enjoyed it! So glad you liked my entry! Kaya lang, serious/momentous events in Philippine history, nagawa ko yatang comedy (sa 1st half)... :)

Congratulations for hosting such a successful blogging event! And thanks for the kind words on your round-up!

O sige, Cacof, mag-react ka pa raw!

scanns said...

oi Cacofifay, pano ko di makwento? Pag naisip ko protest rallies, maliban sa seryosong bagay, naalala ko nabiktima ako ng pagkamali-mali mo! hehe... Noon di ako natawa, gusto talaga kita sakalin noon! Sa pagkamali-mali mo lang, dami pa ako ipon sa baul! bwehehe... Kaya lang, pano reputasyon mo?

Pano mo maalala itong kwento? Aside from mali-mali na, uliyanin ka pa! Tingnan mo ngayon, nalimutan mo nang bago ka pa na-general anaesthesia (nung 25 ka), e ganun ka na! I agree, ngayong lola at tumatanda ka na, naging dementia pa nga yan!

Tapos, discreetly I said you had one other agenda, pinangalanan mo pa (lean)! Wala ka talagang discretion! :)

scanns said...

oi Atinnafay, kita mo na dusa ako sa pagkamali-mali ni Cacof? bwehehe... Wow, tayong dalawa daming memories a! Kasi di pa tayo uliyanin like Cacof! Ano ba naalala mo Cacof? Si Joyacs marami din yun! Calling Joyacs!!!

OK "isne" natin noon, pero mas peybrit ko kainin yung "is"! Masarap nga yung luto mo adobong atay ng manok & binabalatan mo manggang hilaw, kinakain natin sa lagoon or FC! E isang tea bag mo na share natin, by the time it gets to me, hay naku, halos wala nang kulay yung tea!

Yung staple natin, 1 pork barbeque w/rice, lots of atsara & sauce: P5.25 yun = P3.75/barbq stick + 1.50/cup of rice); doon yun sa fastfood na gaya sa Aristocrat in between EDUC & PH Annex (hindi CASAA)! But I can't eat this anymore coz I don't like red meat (yrs na)!

Sobra kuripot natin noon, di lang tipid! &We can't wait for Friday to binge out in 2 or more restos, madalas Katipunan! Alala ko din karyoka sa FC gate, may banana-que, camote-que, etc pa! Kelan mo sinulat ito? O ano, tapos na ba temporary lapse of insanity or sanity mo? Nakatulong ba binigay ko sa yong Math problems? :)

scanns said...

hi tita annabananing! Kumusta na kayo ng family? I already listened to your audioclip that I downloaded, ganda ng voice & galing mo ha! Kelan ulit?

Sarap nga pandesal ano! Wow, describe mo pa lang pandesal w/bagoong, ginugutom na ako! Sige, I'll try that, thanks! May iba ka pa tips? Hugs to you too & cutie tilda! God bless! :)

Karen said...

Pabalik-balik ako dito't natatawa pa rin sa inyo. Di ako maka-comment ng mahaba sa tawa, hehehe!

Scanns, kahit naman comedy di naman irreverent sa sitwasyon kaya ok lang.

Si Cacofonix dapat kasali na sa susunod na Lasang Pinoy. Nagtatago kasi o di pa rin nakawala sa pagkakatali ni Obelix? Hehehe!

scanns said...

hi stef, nice to meet you! Thanks for hosting this great event! Glad to meet fellow bloggers there too!

You feel the same way about the "heart" problem of our nation! The Bible says: "The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart" (1 Samuel 16:7b). Our hearts dictate our motives, our love for God & for fellowmen, etc. And only Jesus can melt & change hearts! :)

scanns said...

Salamat Cacof, sa pakikiisa! Alam ko namang katribo kita! I'm not surprised about those uncontrollable tears while praying for our nation, Holy Spirit nga yun! Nananalangin ka pa rin ba ng ganun? Keep it up! Ako din! Kaya, let’s ask God to guard our hearts so we can keep on praying effectively! Accdg to James 5:16b: "The prayer of a righteous man is powerful & effective."

Ok, start ka na ng campaign for "A Prayer for the Philippines on Freedom from Social and Political Maladies"! Anybody who’d like to join Cacof & me?

scanns said...

Hi CeliaK, it’s good to meet you! That’s good advice: call it Plaza Lawton instead of Liwasang Bonifacio! Buti ka pa, di yun nangyari sa yo! :) Di pa nya sinabi noon na isang pakay pala nya ang crush!

So you share my sentiments! Every country has its own systemic problems, bondages, obstacles, etc! But for all mankind, everything comes from the heart. So the solution must be directed to where the root causes are: the heart! Join ka ba sa aming campaign? God bless! See you again!

joey said...

Hi Scanns! I really enjoyed your post...too funny! What a vivid memory! And those pan de sal pictures...YUMYUM :-)

JMom said...

Hi Scanns! Nakaka aliw basahin ang adventures ninyo :-) Ang galing ng iyong memory, pero mukhang selective yata and memory ni cocof? LOL!!!

scanns said...

hi manashsteluvly, hala, nigutom ka sa pics? Halika, bigyan kita hot pandesal, w/kapeng barako & itlog na maalat! Pero alala ko sa blog mo, marunong ka gumawa ng itlog na maalat! Enjoy ako sa LP, nagulat ka ba sa akin? Next event, pano yan, di ako dunong magluto? Oi cacofifay, sali ka na daw! Ay naku, pag magkasama nga kami noon, kahit ngayon, nabubulabog ang sambayanan! hehe…

scanns said...

hi inday schatzli, grabeng kakaloka ba story? Buti na lang I don’t keep a diary, baka maloca pa makabasa nun! hehe... Adventures? Naku, alala ko pa, napagod ako ng husto sa Liwasan! Exciting naman yung sa EDSA! But your story is so moving! Btw, pag bakasyon mo, kain tayo ng maraming hot pandesal, ok?! Visit me pagbalik mo from Italia & we’ll chat! Il Dio benedice!

scanns said...

Karen, sige balik ka pa dito, it’s always good to see you here! You can comment on anything! Kaya lang bakit mostly "funny" or "nakakatawa" ang comments? Talaga namang nangyari yun sa akin/amin a... :) Cacofayfay, sali ka daw! Sino nga pala si Obelix?

scanns said...

Hi joey! Glad you enjoyed it! Isa ka na naman nag-comment ng "funny"..."too funny" pa, thanks! hehe... :) Ewan ko kung bakit naalala ko halos lahat ng adventures, even misadventures! Your yellow ribbon turon w/our fave choclates, really yummy too! God bless! See you soon!

scanns said...

Hi JMom, kumusta ka na & your cutie girls? Salamat at naaliw ka sa anecdotes ko! Pano ko di maalala yung sa Liwasan, napagod ako ng husto dahil kay cacof! Siya naman may selective amnesia yata, dahil ayaw nya maalala kung pano nya ako naligaw! hehe... :) God bless! Till next time!

Karen said...

Ay, babalik talaga kahit para mangulit lang, hehehe! Ibig sabihin hindi ipinakilala ni Cacofonix si Obelix?

Bestfriend yung ni Asterix. Laging may dala-dalang malaking bato. ;-)

scanns said...

Hi Karen! Good, palagi pala kita makikita dito! :) I've visited you too! Di nga pinakilala yun sa kin. Ang kilala ko lang si Asterix e! Thanks fo the info! Got curious, so I looked it up! God bless!

Atinna said...

badadaday, help me. paano ba tataas ulit yung sa profile and link section ng anggiwa blog ko? alam mo ba?

CaCofoNix said...

ei batik aka tinnapa,

pag diretso na yutak mo didiretso yung profile mo he he....nasa browser mo yan, wala sa template, there's nothing you can do about it unless you change your browser or maayos na yung sumpong nung browser (which i find happens in my case at times.

try opening your blog with mozilla, dowload mo yung mozilla from mozilla.com.
hokey? diretsuhin kse yutak eh!

scanns said...

Atinnapa, I went to your anggiwa blog. Di naman bumaba profile & link section mo, ganon pa rin. If you want me to see it, save it on your computer, then email me in yahoo "the web page & folder". If you want, I can also email you "your web page & folder" that I see on my computer! Reply here ASAP!

scanns said...

Cacofayfay, mukhang tama sinabi mo kay Tinnafay! Let's wait if your advice will work! Btw, kala ko ba hiatus ka? Bakit nandito ka? Pano pala our prayer campaign that you'll start?

I have another question for you: sabi bananing sa blog mo: "sobrang date yan...tagal hinintay pati pag-blog iisnabin muna!" Oi tinnapa, mukhang merong date si cacofluki, research ka & tell me! Oi bananing, ano alam mo?

scanns said...

oi atinnafayfay & cacofifay, napanood ko ngayon lang si Tarmy sa TV show na Probe Team! resource person sya about Phil _i_t_r_! remember? :)

Atinna said...

oi, tinag kita dun sa ilogennipeas blog ko. di mo ba type i-reveal ang nakalipas mo?

talaga nakita mo si tarmy? ano itsura? nakita ko yan dito sa sofia university nung may inattend-an akong sympo, kasama yung waswit nya tapos nakaupo kami sa isang bench lang at 2 seats ang pagitan namin pero di yata ako napansin o di ako pinansin hehehe...nakalimutan nya na siguro ang aming nagdaan hahaha...unrequited love na may drawing na daga.

Atinna said...

ang weird nitong comment box mo nagdidisappear yung isang liwayway sa haba kong kumento, hayoko na nga uwi na ko!

scanns said...

oi tinnafayfay, nakita ko tag mo sa akin! tingnan ko pa, pag sinipag! kelan kaya mangyari yun? hehe... :)

Sya yun! Itsura? hmm.. Ganun pa rin naman noo nya, hehe.. Di ba, kaya ganun name nya! At parang konti lang tinanda! O baka naman makapal lang foundation, hehe.. Iksi lang taped interview! Nagulat lang ako kse kakakita ko lang comment mo! Perfect timing nyo a! Sumabay pa sa LP entries natin, di ba dun galing codename nya? Ano itsura waswit nya, kilala mo? Ano ba, di ka napansin o di ka pinansin? Makalimutan naman kaya nya book mo na may dicdication pa! Anong may drawing na daga, yung book na bigay mo?

scanns said...

oi atinnafay, what do you mean by: "ang weird nitong comment box mo nagdidisappear yung isang liwayway sa haba kong kumento"? Pls reply ASAP, baka di ako may problem kundi browser mo, coz ok naman dito!

Anonymous said...

my favorite part:
Then we asked how to "really" get to Liwasan, so we finally got there!

but seriously, i feel a little down that i've never joined any rally in UP, lalo naman yung aalis pa ng UP.

scanns said...

hey Y-y-n, i know who you are. kakatawa yung experience namin 'no?! isa na dun sa Liwasan. :)

anyway, don't feel down about it, kanya-kanyang panahon & dahilan ang pagra-rally... :)

Greyse said...

Scanns your college na pla during the EDSA I?? And now, i'm estimating how old you are. haha! Oh, I'm sorry if that's the first thing I've noticed. But kidding aside, yes it's true, this has been the perennial problem we have as a nation that started long before I was born.

But where is this really coming from? This sickening system is not just seen in our government. This can be seen even in the smallest groups of the society. What I mean is that corruption is everywhere. In companies,schools,organizations and even in churches. We cannot blame the Marcoses forever because for the oh so many years that have passed, we should have recovered from the damage they caused.

I believe that we cannot rise up as a nation until we realize that change should come from each and everyone of us. I mean, come on, how many of us would really say proud and loud that "I am a Filipino"? Especially when you are abroad? It boils down to ----> LOVE for the country. I guess when a good number of us will have that genuine and sincere L-O-V-E for the country, we can be on our way to advancement, hopefully.

Well, that's just my opinion.:)

Thanks Scanns.

scanns said...

Greyse, I actually know who you are too (despite the spelling). Well, I was just 15 when I began college. I agree that corruption is not just found in our nation, but all over, as you said, even in churches.

Where is this really coming from? I'll answer you quoting my blog post:
"Whoever the political leaders, if their selfish attitude & the corrupt system remain the same, we'll get stuck in this vicious cycle! We need to break this cycle! We need a heart revolution! What should change is each person's attitude, emanating from a heart in tune with Jesus! That way, people (not just politicians) will:
1) Love God above all; & 2) Love their neighbors as they love themselves!"

"So they'll have the conscience & heart to "do unto others what they want others to do unto them" (the Golden Rule)! Some would say: easier said than done... But that's the only way! And it's well worth it! "Jesus is the way & the truth & the life. No one comes to the Father except through HIM."(John 14:6) So Jesus is our only HOPE for change, 'coz He works from within our hearts! And when people's hearts change, the system (made up of people) will also change, thus the healing of our land!"

How we can rise up as a nation? Change from the inside. It boils down to LOVE FOR GOD, then "real" LOVE for COUNTRY will follow. This will bring forth "genuine" love for people, for our neighbor. Thus, we can be on our way to advancement. Thanks for your opinion, Greyse, very well-said! :) May God bless the Philippines!

Greyse said...

Amen to that.
Well said too!~