"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." (Albert Einstein)

Monday, June 27, 2005

My Birthday Dinner, the Golden Wedding Anniversary, then Off to Boracay We Go! God Bless Our Trip!!!

I spent the whole Saturday (my birthday) working, then I had a scrumptious dinner w/my family to celebrate my birthday! I was too busy that I had to catch up w/them in the restaurant, but I really enjoyed their company.

Then yesterday (Sun.), I went to the beautiful, solemn, touching, festive & joyous occasion, that is the golden wedding anniversary of Cacof's parents. Aside from the delectable buffet, my friends & I really enjoyed that reunion w/her family & w/each other! After the party, we stayed overnight at the Sulo Hotel (where her family also happened to stay), and had more bonding.

Today (Mon.), I went home, went to work, then I had to pack up my things. Coz tomorrow (Tues.), I'll fly to boracay w/three long-time dear college friends: Atinna, Cacof & Joyacs. I'm certain that it will be a grand & riotous (long overdue) reunion indeed! And this will definitely be a much-needed break for me! I guess the pictures will really speak for themselves, I can't wait! So I'll surely post the pictures as soon as I can! Mis amigas, vamos a la playa! God bless our trip!

We watched Cacof's parents dancing "The Tennessee Waltz" on their beautiful golden wedding anniversary at Fernwood Gardens!


CaCofoNix said...

oi badaday,

thanks naman that you found our golden wedding anniv in those words....i'm glad...

scanns said...

hay naku, cacofifay, feeling ko nga, kulang pa yung adjectives & description ko! But at that moment, yun pa lang ang na-verbalize ko! And to complete the thought, let me quote what I've subsequently said in my comment on your blog:

"cacof, na-miss ko na your parents, your 2 sis... your family! It was so good to see them all on that wonderful celebration! Thanks again for inviting us! We had a grand time & were so blessed (esp w/your parents' speech, iparating mo ha)! And send my regards to them all! Feeling ko nga rin parang di kayo umalis e, parang yung dati pa rin pag kasama ko kayo!"

To sum it up, I (we) loved it!

CaCofoNix said...

oo nga tayo nga rin eh..kse lagi pa rin tayong nag-aaway, as in mas malala pa ngayon. lagi mo kong pikon...he he he....kala mo laging magkikita eh noh?

pero seriously, i'm glad that you guys enjoyed the evening....