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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Musings on My Birthday! And What Do You See on This Picture?

Today is my birthday! Especially today, I am reminded of what's most important to me! Thus, I remember the picture that was emailed to me by a good friend a few years back (file name: whatdoyousee.jpg). After a few minutes of looking at this picture, you will see something indeed!

What do you see?

And here's an article I received by email (from http://www.chickensoup.com/) on my birthday a few years ago. Talk about perfect timing, and it really struck a chord in me! I hope it will inspire others, as it has inspired me. God bless!

"Who Is the Tutor? Who Is the Student?"
By: Nancy Waller

I helped a fellow student learn to read when we were in fifth grade, and I've wanted to do it again ever since. Well, some thirty years later, through a long series of events that had to be more divine intervention than coincidental, I finally had my chance. I took a tutoring course through Literacy Volunteers of America. As I neared completion of the course, the local student/tutor coordinator called me and asked very hesitantly, "You wouldn't be interested in tutoring a prisoner down at the jail, would you?" I paused for a moment, thinking of my busy schedule and the requirement to meet away from the student's or tutor's home. By teaching a prisoner, I'd only need to consider one person's schedule - mine. The prisoner should be available virtually any time, and we'd have a perfect place to meet - the jail. So, I agreed to take on a convicted felon as a student.

Being a self-righteous, Miss Goody Two-shoes, I thought, "What a great opportunity. Not only will I have a chance to teach someone to read, but I can also set a good example for this guy and let him know someone cares about him. Maybe all this would make the difference in turning his life around. Wow!"

A few weeks later we met and began to work on his reading. At the end of the second lesson, he asked me if I would teach him to read his Bible. I had to stop myself from laughing out loud. I hadn't been to church except for weddings and funerals in more than twenty years. Furthermore, did he really think I was going to be suckered into believing he had had a jailhouse conversion? I told him, "I'm not sure that's something we could work on just yet. The Bible is a hard book to read with a lot of big words, but I'll see what I can do."

While I wasn't convinced he really wanted to know God's word, he had expressed an interest. I had been taught in the course to use material the student was interested in learning, so I located some Bible study material designed for adults at a low reading level. Near the end of each lesson, we'd turn to the Bible study material, and surprisingly, he would read it consistently with greater accuracy that the easier material we worked on earlier.

After many weeks of working together, occasionally I began to take him things such as brownies, cookies and pens. I always brought small amounts because I heard prisoners will use most anything for trading purposes. The next session after receiving these tokens, he would always thank me, tell me how much he had enjoyed them and who he had shared them with. Shared? I thought. I brought barely enough for one person, much less two or three. But, regardless of how little I brought, he told me how he shared. This prisoner who had so little shared it all.

After we had completed several of the Bible studies, he asked me where I went to church. When I told him I hadn't attended since I was a teenager, he scolded me and told me I ought to go. Interestingly during that same time period, several people invited me to visit their church. As we studied the Bible lessons, we read one section on making choices, and we talked about the poor choices he made in his life that resulted in his incarceration. More was going on in my head than what he was saying. I had made choices, too, most of them good, but one in particular wasn't. I had consciously decided not to accept Christ as my Lord and Savior. I was a good person and could get by on that very well, thank you very much.

Fortunately, more and more "coincidences" happened over the next few months, and I began to attend church. Through working with this young man, in whom I could see Christ's qualities, I saw the need to rethink my previous decision. I feel very blessed to have had this prisoner touch my life and bring Christ into it. Who do you think was the tutor and who the student?


schatzli said...

WOW WOW WOW... saw it

scanns said...

Great Sha, you saw it indeed! What did you see? What do you think?

schatzli said...

do i have to tell you the secret what i saw???

scanns said...

sha, it's ok, nagkaintindihan na tayo. :) Hey, that was a nice conversation you just had w/scanns' AI bot (her name), TY.
I hope a lot more will discover the "secret"! God bless!