"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." (Albert Einstein)

Friday, June 05, 2009

May the Lord Jesus bless you!

Hello my dear friends! It's been a year... Yoyang & I saw each other a few weeks back. Belated b-day greetings to Bingle & Atinnafay! And thanks, Jayred, for your greetings & visit here in spite of my long long absence. Miss na miss ko na rin kayong lahat! I'm in Il Terrazzo habang bumabagyo sa labas. After I post this, pauwi na ako, buti nakalusot itong post ko. God bless you all! :) I'm praying for you all (& your health too).
Labs, Moi

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tag of Atinnapay

Hello everyboody! Nope, I didn't become a real-life modern-day Rip Van Winkle, but my old PC did a Van Winkle. After a long hiatus from the blogging world, first let me greet you happy birthday, happy thanksgiving, happy Christmas, happy new year, happy Chinese new year, happy Valentine's day,... Good thing, before my next happy boithday, I was finally able to revive this blog. Anyhoo, the "magazine cover" below (of another cute niece) is a result of Atinnapay's tag to Cacof & Yoyang (my three krang-krang "not numerically" old prends). I liked it too much so I joined in. Isn't she cute?! Before you think otherwise, she's not the baby on my last entry... Nope, it didn't take me eight years to update this blog, although it kinda feels like that. :)

Monday, June 25, 2007


Say what? Oh, she's gweeting me on my boithday today...thank you! Time to write here again, I've missed ya... Thank You Jesus for all your blessings and for a fruitful year! May the good Lord continue to bless us all and shower us with His love! :)

I have 5 nieces & 2 nephews; C is the youngest (now 6-months old).
This cutie not-so-itty-bitty-little baby (as you can see) was just
3 months old in these pictures.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

O Singing CHRISTmas Tree!

GCFCC Christmas cantata 2006: The Singing CHRISTmas Tree!

Indeed, that's a photo I took of a singing Christmas tree! As a choir alumna, I've been blessed to sing for God in last year's Christmas Reunion Concert (and in other special reunion events). But a few Sundays back (10th of December), I was likewise blessed to joyfully and worshipfully celebrate the Lord Jesus' birth while watching the Christmas cantata. And much as I love to vocally sing for Him, I also love to silently sing in my heart as part of the audience/congregation. Yet to our delight, we (the congregation) were asked to sing our favorite Christmas carols with the singing Christmas tree at the grand finale.

The poem below spoke to me and reminded me about the Christ of CHRISTmas, Who is the Reason for the season. Hope it inspires you too. To everyone,
Merry CHRISTmas & a Happy New Year!


Christmas is a special time
To reflect on Jesus Christ
The wonder of His lowly birth
Brings meaning to our lives

There really is no other reason
We celebrate this day
The birth of God’s precious son
And the life He willingly gave

But so much seems to distract us
In the busy-ness of our lives
We lose our focus in all the happenings
Not knowing, we leave out Christ

We lose sight of the true meaning
As we endlessly rush about
Trying to find that perfect gift
Seems to cloud our Saviour out

We need to stop and reflect awhile
Remembering our precious Lord
His birth, His life and sacrifice
And all that He stands for

For though the world may celebrate
It seems though for other reasons
Let’s keep in mind that Jesus Christ
Is the true meaning of the season

© By M. S. Lowndes
poem from www.heavensinspirations.com

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It inspires me!

Around this time of the year, high school seniors take their college entrance exams. A particular senior showed me an essay she wrote for her college application, where she mentioned me. Since she is one of my students, it's heartwarming and inspiring for me to see that I made an impact in her life. I believe that my ultimate Master is God, and God gives us gifts to serve our fellowmen for His glory. I've been quite busy with work and other matters. And her essay is a real boost and motivation from God, giving me so much fulfillment. Thanks to her. And thank You, Lord! :) As a reminder to me, I quoted the essay below (verbatim).

how i see the mentor-mentee relationship
from www.allposters.com

One of Life's Lessons

I was just a typical high school freshman who was excited to get into high school. The reason is that I would be considered more mature and independent. But like most teenagers, I would just do okay in academics and focus more on my social life. This means going to the mall with friends, watching movies, attending concerts, and basically not paying a lot of attention to school work. In other words, I took my studies for granted.

Then one day, I just woke up and realized that I have to put a stop to it. I figured out that I just could not go on that way. I needed to do better in my studies, so that I could reach my goals. I have to do well in high school in order to get into a good college. Of course I knew that a good college is the best stepping-stone for a good future, because college is where you are molded for the real world. To do that, I prayed to God, got help from my mentor and close friend _____ (a.k.a. scanns, who is the best motivator for will power you could ever have), and from my family (through their unconditional love and support). And most important of all, I gave my best in everything that I needed to do.

After that phase, I am proud to say that I have been through a lot, and it was all worth it. This was all a learning experience in life for me. I became a stronger person, and I am happy to say that I am graduating this March. Now I am ready for the next level, which is college, and I am hoping for that to be _____.